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Top Neighbourhoods to find Student Accommodation Adelaide

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Whether it is an interstate or international move, relocating to a new place can change your entire life. Even the most balanced and well-adjusted people experience anxiety and nervousness when moving to an unfamiliar place. It’s normal if you’re thinking about moving to Adelaide to attend school and you’re feeling anxious and apprehensive about the difficulties that might arise. Not by yourself! To give you some piece of mind, we’ve compiled a list of Adelaide’s top neighborhoods for the international students accommodation Adelaide.

The Top Neighbourhoods in Adelaide

Most of Adelaide’s neighborhoods are excellent for international students. But, the locations we are analyzing today feature the best amenities, as well as extracurricular and cultural activities.

Here are our top choices for Adelaide’s best districts for overseas students:

North AdelaideĀ 

North Adelaide, which is only two kilometers north of the CBD, is an excellent place for students to locate housing. The journey from the outskirts to the city center only takes 25 minutes by public transit and 13 minutes by car.

One of Adelaide’s numerous cultural gems is the Adelaide Oval, the most stunning sporting arena in the world. Schools, restaurants, cafes, and parks are also close by.

Black Forest

Black Forest is a fantastic alternative for students looking to stay in Adelaide. The exact two-kilometer distance, which can be traveled in 13 minutes by vehicle or 29 minutes by bus, separates the suburbs from the city center.

The Black Forest is located close to parks, department stores, fitness centers, schools, and attractions you may visit during your free time, making it one of the city’s most walkable areas. Rental costs here for Student Accommodation Adelaide are a little lower than in other places because it is just outside the city limits.



The most enticing aspect of Kensington is its Victorian-era architecture, which transports people to a bygone era. Kensington’s streets are all arranged in a random arrangement, unlike the rest of Adelaide. It takes just a little over 11 minutes to travel from the city center to the suburbs as a result, which is significantly less time than it would in other places.

It is located four kilometers east of the CBD, so commuters using public transportation might need to wait a little longer to get there (around 40 minutes). The good news is that you may use the lengthy bus rides to catch up on reading or to listen to an engaging podcast.


Once you’re settled in Seacliff, you’ll see views of the ocean and golden sand dunes every day.

It is 14 kilometers from the city center and requires either 61 minutes or 31 minutes to travel there by car or public transportation. Because of the long commutes, you might need to leave for work and school earlier than you would if you lived nearby. Yet, this arrangement should work for you if you believe that long rides are worthwhile in exchange for a stunning beach view.


Glenelg is home to a sizable number of beach resorts and theme parks, making it a popular travel destination for local residents like students and tourists. It’s a beachfront area southwest of Adelaide’s CBD that merits consideration for its hip and laid-back atmosphere as well as the practical amenities it provides. The travel by public transit would take about 36 minutes instead of the 21 minutes it takes to drive to the city center.

Henley Beach

The cost of renting a one-bedroom flat range from AU$288 to AU$625 (PW) in Henley Beach, which is around the same as Glenelg. They are another seaside community with long, sandy beaches and a thriving food scene, as the name would imply. A short distance away, they also have a variety of parks and entertainment venues.

Approximately 10 kilometers from Adelaide’s central business district is where you’ll find Henley Beach. The commute to the city takes either a 24-minute drive or a 45-minute trip on public transportation.

North Brighton

North Brighton is our final but not least suggestion. Since it is precisely 3.5 kilometers from Glenelg, its residents have access to all of the services and facilities offered in that area. Enjoy the beaches, eateries, theme parks, and other places by taking some time off. On your own time, visit parks, museums, and art galleries.

Final thoughts

Relocating to a new place may be both thrilling and worrisome. Yet, as long as you stick to these neighborhoods, nothing bad will happen to you. Preparation is always the best key to a successful operation.

It’s crucial to conduct thorough research on the numerous Adelaide student housing alternatives. You must think about your budget, the timing of your move, and the services you’ll need to make it simpler for yourself in addition to learning the different types of housing possibilities that are accessible.

To avoid missing anything along the road, take your time and enjoy the process.

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