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The Best Helmets Under Rs. 5000


Safety on the road is crucial for avid bikers, emphasising the need for reliable headgear. In pursuing the best helmets under Rs. 5000, riders prioritise style, comfort, and certified safety features. Recognising helmets’ pivotal role in ensuring safety during journeys is paramount as we explore top choices in this budget-friendly category. Before hitting the road, bikers should prioritise safety by choosing the best helmets and taking a moment to do a quick bike insurance check online, ensuring their two-wheelers are adequately protected.

Bajaj Allianz third-party two-wheeler insurance plans offer a reliable solution for those seeking insurance options for their two-wheelers.

Full-Face Helmets

  • Axor Street Crazy Gloss Helmet:

The Axor Street Crazy Gloss helmet under Rs. 5,000 is a safe and stylish choice with striking graphics, a snug three-dimensional fit, and essential features like a clear UV-protected visor, Bluetooth compatibility, and certified safety with DOT FMVSS No. 218 and ECE R-22.05.

  • SMK Twister Logo:

The SMK Twister Logo helmet, available in 26 graphic options, boasts an Italian design, EPS inner shell, and aerodynamic outer shell. With safety features like a quick-release strap, anti-fog pin-lock visor, and UV-resistant visor, it weighs 2460 grams and remains stable up to 140 km/h. ECE 22-05 certified.

  • Studds Decorate a Scorpion D3:

The Scorpion D3 Decor by Studds, priced at Rs. 1850, features a contemporary design, matte finish, and silicon-coated visor. Safety highlights include EPS concussion inner padding and UV-resistant polyurethane paint. Weighing 1450 grams, it is stable at speeds up to 150 km/h. ISI certified.

Helmets With Open Or Half Faces:

  • Royal Enfield Spirit:

The Royal Enfield Spirit, an open-face helmet under Rs. 5,000, offers a classic design, metal mesh vents, and a detachable visor. Weighing 1040 grams, it is ISI certified.

  • SB-40 Steelbird DOT Route 66:

Priced at Rs. 2399, the SB-40 DOT Route 66 offers half-face comfort with multiple padding, Italian design, and various finishes. Weighing 900 grams, it is stable at speeds up to 150 km/h. DOT certified.

Helmets That Flip Up:

  • Steelbird TRX:

The Steelbird TRX, with a flip-up mechanism, is priced at Rs. 2299. It features dynamic ventilation, anti-allergic EPS padding, and a neck protector. Weighing 950 grams, its stability is unspecified. ISI certified.

  • Vega Crux DX:

The Vega Crux DX, another flip-up option under Rs. 5,000, showcases off-road style with a leather finish. Weighing 1100 grams, it is ISI-certified and features a scratch- and UV-resistant visor.

Riders must prioritise their safety and understand the broader responsibility of securing their two-wheelers. An integral part of this responsibility is ensuring their bikes are adequately insured. Considering the significance of insurance, riders can conveniently check bike insurance online, with platforms like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance offering accessible options. 

Bajaj Allianz offers the ease of buying and renewing your policy. Bajaj Allianz general insurance renewal for two-wheelers can be done online via the website or the app from the comfort of your home. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

As riders don affordable, high-quality helmets, ensuring a comprehensive safety approach involves reliable insurance, enhancing a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

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