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Luxury living has become a necessity in urban towns and the same goes for Bangalore’s rising segment of people who wish to have a lifestyle connected to the technology bubble. The young force associated with technology would love to be connected with their work and lifestyle through the digital media, apps and tools. Naturally, the new age builders and developers in Bangalore also have adapted to this need. They meet the buyers’ demands with social and virtual engagement with digital tools. As they set out to shake hands virtually, home buyers continue to have an inherent advantage. We share some current and practical ways how the buyer and seller can meet online and greet one another physically onsite to make a valued proposition.

Initiating the Online Introduction

Digital Presentation Should Be In an Appropriate Category

In the last few months, almost all developers in Bangalore who have luxury apartments in Bangalore have been reconciled to the fact that they need to register themselves on the RERA website. It has become compulsory to have a dynamic or static website, impressive Facebook page and cool Instagram updates to keep themselves visible online. All homebuyers, first, look at housing options online and then prefer to meet the builder. And for them to navigate through the right digital tools make all the difference. A unique digital presence online that resonates with the users gives better results to the sales team of the project. All projects are listed on property portals which have a local and national presence. A unique presentation is essential to bring footfalls. Listing in the right categories makes it easier to connect to the right home buyer. 

Even for end users, it is essential to know how to make the right search among the multiple projects present on several portals. When they are clear about their requirements then the search is more specific. For example, in the initial search, the budget, location, are more important than the builder brand. When the result throws up various similar projects then a dialogue can be initiated or an email enquiry sent to sales offices. Genuine builders often give the name of the person to be contacted with the phone numbers and timings of work. This is the first step which gives confidence to the buyer who is interested in the property. Since many people even search at night (when they are free from all professional and domestic duties), an automated response is not sufficient. If someone can actually call back, then it will make the enquiry more useful. In cities, it is now expected that 24 x7 smartphone connections make it possible to offer answers for preliminary enquiries. If the builder’s website has a virtual tour, then a quick onsite visit can be made for the weekend or whenever the buyer is interested. It ensures that the buyer’s attention is not broken otherwise they will move on to better prospects available. 

Audio Visuals Part of Technology Tools

Pictures Speak More Than A Million Words

Every single builder and developers in Bangalore, now have various tools within their website to help homebuyers to provide clarity of the project. Earlier, many high resolution photographs were added to the online pages. But these are not good enough today. A short YouTube film with a narration is more believable and a tour of the property and inside of the sample villa or duplex apartment. Many websites offer the complete layout of the plan of the house. If there are villas in bangalore, then the exact technical specifications are spelled out and a blue print is ready for the buyer to examine before actually making the trip to the designated plot. Such tools, images and clarity save time for all the people involved. Today, time is also a luxury that many people cannot spare. When buyers study the prospective home design and layout online they can do it at their convenience and privacy.  There is no delay and payment details are spelled out clearly. When the buyer takes interest and pays up, they now get an update of the status of construction and development. They need not call anyone at the site or from the sales team. Today, it is no luxury to get these vital details online. Technology has made this traditional sector progressive. You can almost visualize, swiping the card to unlock the main door and enter into your luxurious abode.

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