Fun Features in Student Accommodation Properties in New York

Some Popular Fun Features in Student Accommodation Properties in New York

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New York is not the capital of the USA but it is ranked above the capital city Washington, D.C. due to the quality of life in this city as well as its popularity. As a matter of the fact, it is ranked the number one global city by a number of agencies. So, studying in this topmost global city of the world remains the dream of a large number of students today.

Thousands of international students apply for admission to New York every year. According to some reports, New York received applications from 100000 overseas students in the year 2023. Applications of some of the students who apply for admission in this city are accepted by the universities and colleges in New York.

Students who get enrolled in institutes in New York need places for accommodation in this city. There is no shortage of student accommodation New York these days. A number of accommodation properties are available here, which provide a perfect place to stay for overseas students.

Student accommodation properties in New York not only offer places to stay for students. In addition to this, several features for fun, fitness, studies, dining, etc. can be found in these properties.

In this article, we will talk about the fun features. Below, you can read some excellent fun features that you can find in student properties in New York.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

When it comes to fun, the swimming pool can be ranked at the top position. As a matter of the fact, the swimming pool has become a type of fun symbol in the modern era. Many youngsters like to visit the swimming pool for having fun. The swimming pool near their accommodation is really an amazing facility for them.

Besides, some students don’t have a swimming pool near their homes at their native places but they want to make a swimming routine. For such students, having a swimming pool near their residences proves to be bliss.

You will be happy to know that many student properties in New York have in-house swimming pools. So, students living in those properties can enjoy swimming, taking baths, and playing in the swimming pool as well as sitting on the deck.

It will also be useful to tell that swimming has plenty of health benefits also which is why the swimming pool can also be considered a fitness feature.


Visual entertainment also provides a lot of fun to everyone. Therefore, some student properties in New York also have in-house cinemas. In these cinemas, students can visit alone or with their co-residents and enjoy watching movies.

These cinemas are the best options, especially for those students who feel it difficult to go outside of their student properties except their institutes due to busyness with studies. Such students can get entertainment by visiting the in-house cinemas in the student complexes available in New York. Other students can also visit the cinemas in their complexes and in New York City by rotation.

Games Room

Gaming Rooms

More fun can be found in the student properties in New York in the games rooms. Many student properties in this city have these rooms, where students can play friendly matches with their fellow residents.

You can find the arrangements for pool, table tennis, foosball, video games, etc. in the games rooms. However, different properties may have different arrangements.


Television has become a habit of everyone today for entertainment. Therefore, students find televisions in plenty of student properties in New York. So, students can get entertainment with TV serials, music shows, sports programs, etc. Besides, they can also watch the news, discovery programs, devotional programs, etc.

Wi-Fi Internet

The internet is a multipurpose facility through which students can do studies, entertainment, communication, and a lot more. For entertainment, there is a lot of stuff online. The simplest way to get entertainment through the internet is to watch movies, songs, and other entertainment videos, on video hosting websites like YouTube.

Besides, there are many other platforms on the internet through which you can have fun. You can also play online games. Moreover, if you have a smart TV, you can watch OTT platforms through the internet.

In the student accommodations in New York, you find Wi-Fi internet connections to connect high-speed internet to your gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can also accomplish other online tasks through the Wi-Fi internet.

The Wi-Fi internet connections in many student properties in New York are inclusive of bills.


So, there is no doubt that international students spend an enjoyable time in student accommodation properties in New York. In addition to the fun features, there are gyms, study desks & tables, study rooms, and many facilities for students in properties in New York like wi-fi, a swimming pool, a gym, study rooms, and a common area are included property.

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