Activities for Students for Their Mental Health

Some Activities for Students in Leicester for Their Mental Health


Many international students visit Leicester (UK) for their higher studies after completing their school education. When students start their new life in Leicester city, they need to take care of many things among which the prominent one is their mental health.

Students are in Leicester for studying so they need a sharp mind. For this, it is necessary for them to have good mental health. Moreover, good mental is also necessary to enjoy life to the fullest.

Here, you will read about some activities that you can do as a student in Leicester for your mental health.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are considered one of the best ways to get good mental health. There are different types of breathing exercises prevalent in the present times. Some breathing exercises also come under yogic exercises.

The easiest breathing exercises that you can do is deep breathing. Deep breathing keeps your mind calm and allows you to stay mentally fit always. Another simple breathing exercise is alternative breathing. In alternative breathing, you are required to inhale the air from one nostril while closing the other one and exhale the air from the other nostril. Throwing breaths from the nose, again and again, is also a breathing activity that you can perform on daily basis.

There are some activities, for which it will be good if they are done after some training. Holding a breath inside the body for a few seconds or a minute is one such exercise. Similarly, holding air outside the body is also a type of breathing exercise for students.

Some student accommodation complexes in Leicester have yoga rooms and gyms. You can do breathing exercises there. Besides, you can also do them in your student rooms or in an open space.


Another way to keep the mind calm and stay mentally healthy is meditation. There are different kinds of meditations popular today among which you choose, whichever is best suitable for you. A prominent one is the breathing meditation in which you just have to focus your attention on breathing.

Some other popular types of meditation that you can do are mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, vipassana meditation, guided meditation, loving-kindness meditation, chakra meditation, yoga meditation, etc.

You can also learn these meditations from a nearby center and perform them while living in Leicester for your mental health.

Meditation can also be done in the yoga room, student room, or an open space.

Physical Workouts

Physical workouts also have a deep impact on your mental health. A fit body is a great source of a fit mind. Moreover, physical workouts also have some direct positive effects on mental health.

You can do different types of physical workouts in Leicester. Light exercises can be done by anyone easily. Besides, pushups are also the perfect physical exercise. You can so do the gym exercises. For this, you can find a gym in your college, university, the complex of your student accommodation Leicester, or near your accommodation complex.


Sports are physical activities, which provide many benefits related to mental health. They help you in managing stress. Moreover, they also keep you physically fit, which further results in good mental health.

You can play sports in many places in Leicester. In your college and university, you can find playgrounds and sports courts for playing different types of sports. You can find sports courts in some student complexes also.


Swimming is also a great activity that helps you in attaining good mental health. It improves your mood and decreases anxiety. Many other such benefits you get from swimming related to your mental health. But, you need to search for the swimming venues in Leicester.

Yogic Postures

Yogic postures are also great exercises for both the mind and body. Some yogic postures heal the energy centers of the body, which is good for your brain health.

Book Reading

Book reading has a direct impact on the mind. First of all, it can reduce stress. Moreover, it provides a healthy escape. It also sharpens the brain. In addition, it makes people more understanding. Book reading also increases concentration.

Apart from everything, it increases the reading practice, which is further helpful for students in reading the course books and preparing for the exams.

Fun and Entertainment

Fun and entertainment are also good for your mental health. You can find game rooms, cinemas, and televisions for fun and entertainment in your accommodation complex. Moreover, you can find several entertainment venues and fun places in Leicester City.


Apart from everything, spending some time with close friends is also a great way to maintain wonderful mental health. Staying in touch with family members and old friends in your native place via voice calling, video calling, and messaging also puts an excellent effect on your mental health.

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