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Poor study habits you must avoid

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Everyone has different study habits. Some of the habits are effective as the tips work and the students continue to move up the educational ladder. The way you study needs to keep up with the educational pace. If you think you spend all your time studying but still not performing well, then you should ensure you are avoiding poor study habits. Below are some of the best habits you should avoid when studying:

Studying without having any proper plan

If you are studying without the right plan then it can lead to an unstructured schedule. With this, you may find it quite challenging to cover different materials you require within any specific period of time. To overcome this, ensure that you have a particular plan before you start studying. Setting goals can help you plan and accomplish tasks.

Being distracted by social media

We all know that we get easily distracted by social media. So, it is important to keep away from your cell phones, turn off them, or may be signed out of all social media accounts so that you can concentrate on your studies. You can save checking in on Facebook or sending that text to a friend when you are on a study break.


Multitasking might seem like a good idea as you feel like you can get different things done in less time. However, you have not focused actually. People who focus on one thing at one time learn more and stay more productive. When your brain is switching between different tasks, you are less likely to recall all the information. You can also feel tired quickly. To avoid doing different tasks at a time, make a plan and prioritize your tasks. Once you have finished the first thing on your list, then you should move to the next.

Cramming throughout the night

When the midterms and examinations roll around, lack of time seems to be a common notion. During the term, the student’s responsibilities, tasks, and social activities often take priority which leaves the students with few hours to study before any examination. These condensed hours can easily lead the students to pull the all-nighters, which, over time, can have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns. Students need rest before any examination as sleep helps the brain process as well as retain information learned during the day. During sleep, this information is classified and stored, which becomes quite essential when a student needs to recall details. Long study sessions without sleep are counterproductive as the brain can only retain the general aspects of the information.

Listening to music

Playing music can be advantageous when performing different tasks. It can easily help motivate you or enhance your moon. Many students also swear by this study habit as useful when studying in their student accommodation Birmingham. However, according to some research, music does not help people learn something new or complex. Music, especially songs with lyrics, can take up processing space, making it hard for you to understand the material you are studying.

Study tips for students


Procrastination is one of the significant impediments to anyone’s academic progress. By postponing all your studies, you do not have enough time to cover all relevant materials before an examination. You can fix your habit easily by sticking to your agenda for your work and starting all of your tasks at least a week before so that you don’t lack behind.  

Not asking the teacher for help

There are many times that you don’t understand a subject but you do not ask the teacher for help. Each night, you can spend a couple of minutes reviewing and reflecting on what you have learned in class. You can make notes on what you have not understood so that you can connect with your teacher the next day.

Poor time management

Studying takes time, so you can easily make time to do it. As such, you will want to understand time management to easily allocate the right amount of time to study each or another subject. Some time management tips comprise prioritizing tasks, setting a schedule, breaking up big tasks, creating rewards, and waking up earlier to provide yourself more time in a day.

Consuming energy drinks

The students generally consume a lot of energy drinks to stimulate their brains, increase their energy and enhance their concentration. However, continual stimulation of the brain in such a way enhances the risk of dependence. In addition to it, energy drinks contain harmful chemicals which can harm the student’s health and can also lead to enhanced anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and even cardiac arrest.

Being disorganized

With a lot of things to do and think about, being disorganized will only make studying so much harder. Do not just take notes and keep reminders in odd places. Keep a notebook where you can jot down all the examination dates, assignments, deadlines as well as study schedules. You can also download an app that is designed to help you organize all the studying-related stuff. 

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