Property Management in Nevada Requires Specialized Training

Property Management in Nevada Requires Specialized Training

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When you partner with a graduate of Key Property Management Las Vegas, you’ll be working with a highly trained professional. Nevada requires every property manager working within the state to possess a real estate license in addition to a property manager permit. Both the license and the permit have very specific criteria.

Real Estate Licenses in Nevada

The Nevada Real Estate Division issues three classes of real estate licenses:

• Salesperson: A real estate salesperson is someone who has successfully completed the real estate law course requirement, passed the licensing examination and submitted the necessary application paperwork. He or she is permitted to work so long as that work takes place under the auspices of a licensed broker.

• Broker-salesperson: A broker-salesperson is someone who has successfully completed the salesperson requirements and the additional broker-salesperson educational requirements. He or she has also passed the Nevada Real Estate Broker exam. 

• Broker: A real estate broker is someone who taken a 45-hour broker management course in addition to satisfying the requirements above. He or she must pass a broker licensing examination and must have worked for at least two years under the auspices of a licensed broker.

Candidates for all three types of real estate must agree to fingerprinting and an extensive background investigations. 

Property Manager Permits in Nevada

If a property manager doesn’t assist in leasing or collecting rents, then he or she will not need a property manager permit under state law. These types of transactions are considered real estate activities, however, and if carrying out these responsibilities is part of the property manager’s job, then he or she will need a property manager permit.

In order to apply for a property manager permit in Nevada, a candidate will need to be licensed either as a real estate salesperson or a real estate broker. The property manager permit is not a license in and of itself, but rather, an adjunct to an existing real estate license. Candidates are also required to complete 24 hours of coursework that concentrates specifically on property management responsibilities. Nevada requires this coursework to be taught in a classroom. Upon course completion, the candidate must pass a property management examination.

In order to activate the permit, proof of educational requirements and examination results must be passed along to the Nevada along with a $40 fee and the application paperwork.

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