Everything you need to know about the bubble wrap packing

Everything you need to know about the bubble wrap packing


Bubble wrap is the primary material used in packaging things to protect from breakage or scratches. Bubble wrap packing has become a popular trend, so you don’t get the product without bubble wrapping. If you wrap your product with bubble wrap, it adds elegance to your packaging and will work better. The bubble wrap packing process is done to safeguard the product when shipping. Nowadays, every business is buying this bubble wrap, and you cannot get online products without the bubble wrap. Because the online products are doing shipping to many countries, when doing the shipping process, there will be changes to get damage to your product. So if you wrap your product with bubble wrap, it will stay strong. The neat thing about bubble wrap packing is that this method helps business owners save money by reducing shipping costs due to its lightweight. Below you can see everything about the bubble wrap packing:

Is it is a good insulator?

Bubble wrapping is not only perfect for protecting items, but it also acts as a good insulator. The bubble wrap has the air that confined the space so that it will tend to resist temperature changes because the air molecules in the wrap will move around. Since bubble wrap is nothing, it is wrapped in plastic more than bubbles of air, and it is a common option for protecting your products. If you use bubble wrap as an insulator, you will gain several advantages, firstly, it can be easily cut with scissors to fit any shape or size. The bubble wrap is manufactured as the role, according to your need, you can cut and use.

You can use this wrap without using any technical requirements, and due to its lightweight nature, bubble wrap can be transferred from one place to another without any issues. It can be attached to windows by simply scattering water on the glass and pressing the bubble wrap to it, eliminating the need for gums. Bubble wrap can also be used again, whether it remains in good shape with the bubbles still undamaged, to last for several seasons. It is a durable one if you use this properly, it will remain for many months.

Everything you need to know about the bubble wrap packing

What is bubble wrap made of?

Bubble wrap comprises polyethylene, a kind of plastic that holds hundreds of consistently space out air pockets. These air pockets perform as soft cushions that grip shock during unpredicted movement. If you use bubble wrap for packing, it will help to prevent damage to any products wrapped within the material. Apart from the bubble wrap, you may use masking tape for the sealing process. For making the bubble wrap, the manufacturer uses polyethylene resin in the form of tiny beads, and these small resin beads are then melted down and form into a thin film.

After that, it has been used as the base material for bubble wrap, and this film is flattened and nourished through rollers with small holes punched in. The film moves through the pressure of the rolls, and then it is applied to push it into the holes to create air bubbles. Once the air bubbles have been propelled into the film, it is closed with a second film layer. This traps the air inside and safeguards the air contained in the bubbles. It is then cut and holed before being compiled into rolls.

How to use bubble wrap?

Do you know the proper way to cover a container with bubble wrap? It is a simple and easy way to pack your products with bubble wrap, and you don’t need any technical equipment. Here you can see how to use the bubble wrap:

Cover your things on a flat, neat surface:

When wrapping your products in bubble wrap for shipping, it is great to locate a flat, clean surface. You need to select the box that has enough space for placing the product you are shipping and also need to use enough bubble wrap to cover the entire item. Also, make sure you have sufficient space for folding, heap, and protecting your items comfortably without constant movement.

Layout the bubble wraps and faces the inside of the bubble:

Make sure to keep the shielding bubble wrap and so should keep the bubble side is facing up. By placing this way, you can assure that the airbags will do their job and protect your packages during shipping. If the bubbles are facing outward, there will be changes to get burst during shipping. If this were to happen, the purpose of using bubble wrap and other packaging materials would get damaged.

Wrap items generously with bubble wrap:

You need to wrap your products more generously with bubble wrap. If you don’t do that, the shipping products will get damaged, making the customer upset. This thing will make your customers angry, and then they will call you about your return policy. If it happens, your brand name will get damaged in the long run.

Purpose of using bubble wrap:

The revolutionary bubble wrap is one of the most standard shielding packaging solutions. Due to having soft cushioning and it is a convenient and very effective way to safeguard fragile items during transport, movement, and storage. It is designed to defend everything from small, lightweight items to large, delicate products, and bubble wrap is a versatile material. It comes in different types and sizes. The standard small and large bubble wraps are perfect for shielding light to medium-sized products, while the Premium versions safeguard fragile and heavy items. Then for sealing the package, you may use the masking tape, and it will resist any temperature and won’t peel off. Anti-static bubble wrap protects electronics because it doesn’t make static charges. Another option, bubble bags, are quick and easy to use, with a prolonged self-sealing lip for easy loading and closing, it is ideal for shielding small, subtle items.

Final thoughts:

Finally, the above mentioned are everything about the bubble warping products, if you use this bubble wrap, it will stay in good condition when doing the shipping.

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