Connect And Convert 101: How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Results

Connect And Convert 101: How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Results


It’s no secret that many people have become millionaires through the strategic implementation of customized online advertising techniques. However, many entrepreneurs and company leaders don’t know which techniques they should be using to increase their online sales. If this is one of your business dilemmas, know that there are many digital solutions available to you. Start connecting with and converting more people online by using the following ecommerce strategies:

1. Implement Social Media Optimization (SMO) Strategies.

Authentic, ongoing communication is the key to developing a strong connection to your target market. As such, business owners who want to expedite and optimize the connect/convert process should focus on finding online marketing strategies that enhance communication between brand owners and their audience. Social media channels are one of the best mediums through which to realize this objective because the communication process can be immediate, extensive, and ongoing. For example, you can conduct a Twitter poll in which you ask your audience specific questions about your product line or anything else that is directly or tangentially related to your brand. Your audience can respond immediately and you can use the information attained from this mode of communication to optimize your relationship with your clients. Also note that your Twitter polls can be an ongoing, integral component of your ecommerce campaign. Once you’ve begun continually connecting with your prospective consumers through this type of SMO strategy, you’ll likely undergo a substantive increase in conversion rates.

2. Don’t Settle For A Mediocre Website.

In addition to optimizing communication through the use of social media optimization (SMO) strategies such as Twitter polls, make sure that you don’t settle for a mediocre website. Remember that your website is the medium through which people attain more data about your brand, make purchases, and find content that may eventually be shared with the individuals in their social networks. This is why maintaining an exceptionally appealing, accessible website is imperative for business owners who want to connect and convert people via internet. Luckily, the web optimization process does not have to be too time-consuming, tedious, or significantly terrible. One way to make the process more expedient and effective is by working directly with a community of professional web designers and developers. 

3. Remember To Advertise Offline As Well.

Online and offline advertising go hand in hand. In many cases, people can learn about a brand in the offline realm and then go online to attain more information about the company. As such, business owners should remember not to let offline advertising fall by the wayside as they work towards building their brand online. One offline marketing strategy that you may find helpful is the use of outdoor LED signs. Companies such as Ultravision International provide these signs. 


If sales optimization is one of your goals for 2018, now is the time to turn to the world of ecommerce. Use some or all of the techniques outlined above to connect and convert more people quickly and correctly.

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