8 Rules you need to live by if you have a financial market trading business

8 Rules you need to live by if you have a financial market trading business


If you want to become successful as a financial market trader you need to understand the basics of trading. According to one of his senior advisers at Jones Mutual, terms such as keep your losses to a minimum may not sound very important to an experienced trader. This is where many traders fall off the wagon. In order to make a success, you need to adhere to a set of rules, whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner.

Never forget your trading plan

A trading plan specifies a complete set of strategies a trader should use according to his or her individual needs. A trading plan will include enter strategy, exit strategy as well as risk management. With a solid trading plan, you can do backtesting.This will help you develop a winning strategy for trading for maximum profit.  

Make trading your business

Whether you trade full time or part time, treat your trading venture like your primary business. When treating it like a hobby, there’s no commitment to making profit.  However, when you rely on it for your paycheck, you essentially become a business owner. Since it includes expenses, taxes and some losses, trading for a hobby does not make sense.

Live in the age of technology

Running a financial market trading business does not require you to sit in front of a computer the entire day.  You are able to use technology to your advantage by making use of smartphones.  These technologically advanced devices enable you to execute trades from virtually anywhere.  Thus, can receive important notifications and trade according to that no matter where you are. You can also opt to mediums such as automated trading, which allows a system to trade according to pre-set rules.

Always protect your money

When investing capital in a trade, you need to keep an open mind.  There’s always a chance you can lose money, so you need to trade with care.  This might seem like something unimportant for an experienced trader but trading only with the capital you can afford to lose is essential if you want to keep your business afloat.

Learn everything you can from the market

While you may think you are an experienced trader ongoing market education is essential for success.  You need to stay up to date with important events in politics and the economy to know what trades will be profitable and which not.  Educating yourself about what goes on in the markets is a lifelong process.

Trade according to facts

When reading an article about a specific market trend, you need to validate the facts with trustworthy forms of market news. If, for example, you read or hear about a certain market trend and you want to use it to your advantage, make sure the trend is, in fact, confirmed by other sources. Should this information be incorrect and you still trade according to what you heard, you might lose a huge amount of capital.

Make use of a stop loss

This, again, may seem like an unimportant fact to the experienced market trading business owner. However, trading without a stop loss can, in the worst cases, make your entire business fall from grace. Setting a stop loss will minimise your losses if you make a trade that turns unprofitable. It is wise not to move the stop loss once set and to keep emotions aside; the stop loss serves as a barrier to unethical decision-making.

Stop trading when you need to

Like with any other business, a trading business should have a “knockoff time”. If you feel you are trading yourself into a rut, take a breather, evaluate your trading strategy and go over what the market trends are telling you. There is nothing positive about a frustrated trader trying to make a profit out of something that isn’t working. 

By combining all the above-mentioned rules into one guideline, you can make a success of your market trading business. However, in order to make profit, you need to learn to adhere to these rules and not break them, no matter what. Only then are you able to reap the fruit from the lucrative way of trading.

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