Where Students Can Get Free Textbooks in the US


The increasing financial strain on students has become the talk of the town. The economic downturn, unbearable costs of living, increasing textbook prices, and tuition fees have burdened students and their parents. It is negatively impacting students’ mental health and their academic performance. Inflation is widening the educational gap among US students, leading many to drop out. Fortunately, various free resources are available where students can get free textbooks and reduce their financial costs. This article sheds light on online and offline resources to get free textbooks and bridge the educational gap.   

Why Free Textbooks Are Need of the Hour

Some universities have started providing free textbooks to their students which they can return at the end of the academic year or semester. The students who don’t have such a facility are still looking for free textbooks to reduce their expenses without compromising on access to compulsive textbooks. 

Free textbooks are crucial for students to continue learning without breaking the bank. From reducing the educational gap to improving academic performance and decreasing financial burden, these free learning resources greatly support students‌. 

Reduced Educational Gap

Students from low-income families cannot always afford to buy costly textbooks that put their academic performance at risk. On the other hand, those students who can easily buy even high-priced textbooks are more likely to perform better in their academics. This difference in socioeconomic status also creates an educational gap that only be removed with the help of free textbooks. 

Improved Academic Performance

Students who don’t have access to quality textbooks are less likely to secure good grades as compared to those who enjoy access to compulsive textbooks and interactive learning materials. With access to essential academic materials, students can improve their academic performance and ensure academic excellence.  

Decreased Financial Strain

The foremost benefit students can get with free textbooks is reduced financial burden. On average, a hardcover textbook costs anywhere between $20 and $350. Many borrow money or compromise on other expenses to buy these textbooks. If they could get these books free, it would be a silver lining to the cloud. For that try our price monitoring service.

Where Can I Get Free Textbooks In the US?

US students can get free textbooks from various online and offline resources that we have discussed below. The top-notch academic help websites have been providing free textbooks to students to eliminate the unfair educational gap and bring down direct educational costs. Read on to learn more about these websites and how you can get free textbooks from these platforms.

Best Websites to Get Free Textbooks

Finding a website to get free textbooks can be challenging. But don’t fear because we have shared here the best website for free textbooks. SolutionInn provides free academic material to students to reduce their costs and boost their performance. There are thousands of free books available for high school, college, and university students. The O-level and A-level students can also get free textbooks from the website. 

Choose the textbook you need, create an order to get the book, and enjoy free shipping to a US address. With free textbooks, you can also enjoy a one-week free study membership that can greatly help in enhancing learning and improving academic performance. If you like the membership, continue it for $9.99 a month.    

The service provider also offers expert help from highly qualified educators and subject matter experts to reinforce learning and nailing exam preparation. With free study membership, you can also enjoy free expert help and access to expert answers. Try it and improve your academic performance without breaking the bank.  

The Bottom Line

Free learning resources are the need of the hour. To reduce financial burdens and provide equal opportunities to students, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds, educational institutions should provide free academic material to learners. Explore SolutionInn and similar services to get free textbooks and improve your learning experience throughout your academic journey.   


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