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Unraveling Math Phobia Symptoms: Conquer Your Fear


Are you one of those students who experience such Math Phobia Symptoms like a racing heart, sweating, and a blank in mind when you are asked to solve math problems? Most students feel pain in their stomach when teachers assign them math homework or they take up math tests or exams. The phobia of math sometimes causes stress for learners when they get stuck in complicated math equations and questions. The fear of making mistakes, the extreme pressure of academics, and higher expectations can increase the level of stress and anxiety. Math anxiety of students decreases their confidence and affects their learning and academic performance as well.

To improve the performance of students and develop their confidence in math subjects, it is essential for teachers and parents to address the issues that can cause problems for students in solving math questions. Recognizing those issues and providing solutions to students will help them to overcome math phobia. math Assignment Help experts offer assistance to students in solving difficult math problems. It helps them to perform well in math subjects.

Unveiling Math Phobia Symptom in Students

Math anxiety is a feeling of stress and fear that create a problem for students while solving math questions. Math anxiety is not a medical phenomenon but the way anxiety can harm students’ health.

Students with math anxiety may feel problems not only in class but also in different situations in life such as calculating bills in the market.

Math anxiety is an emotional problem for students when engaging with mathematical concepts and questions. Students with math phobia are found the symptom like increased heart rate, sweaty palms, panic in situations, tense muscles, lethargicness in math tasks, lack of focus in solving math problems, and many more. The individual with math anxiety may also feel math is a more difficult subject.

What Drives Math Phobia in Students

Many students suffer from math phobia symptoms and increasing level of math anxiety impacts their health badly. Here are some reasons that fill students with math anxiety.

Past Negative Experience with Math Subject

The past negative experience of students in math makes them anxious about the subject problem. For example, struggling with solving complex math problems in class, assignment work, and getting poor responses in the form of grades can impact the performance of students.

Higher Expectations with Students

Another common reason for the math anxiety of students is the higher expectation of teachers and parents. They often expect students to perform well in exams or tests and achieve higher scores in class. This kind of expectation creates a negative emotion as a form of anxiety in the student that affects their mental health.

Lack of Conceptual Knowledge of Math Subject

Many students often struggle with math subjects due to a lack of conceptual knowledge. When they do not have adequate knowledge of the subject, they face problems solving questions that make them anxious and frustrated. The learning gap over time can make students anxious and create fear of math.

Negative Perception

Negative perceptions such as low confidence in their ability can impact a child’s performance. When students hold low motivation and self-belief they face problems to solve math questions.

Improper Teaching Methods and Support 

Many times it is noticed that improper teaching methods and learning support hinder the students learning. Students with different learning style face difficulty grasping mathematic concepts that make them disconnected from learning.

Ways to Conquer the Fear of Math Phobia

Math is a complex subject that can cause stress and anxiety for students in different ways. Here some ways are given that help math students overcome the fear of math anxiety.

Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude

The first way to conquer math fear is to adopt positive mental behavior with your study. Students should always stay positive and keep themselves motivated to work hard. It helps them to overcome math fear and stress.

Practice and Practice

There is no substitute for practice and hard work. Math is a subject that requires more and more practice on each concept of the subject. Paying attention to study and practice complex math problems will help you to release the math phobia.

Break Complex Problem into Smaller Parts

By breaking the complex math problem into smaller parts will help you solve math questions easily and perform well in the subject.

Take Help When You Need It  

Students can take Assignment Help Services from math experts to solve complex problems and math assignments when they need it.


The fear of math subject may impact students’ learning and keep them behind others in class. By identifying the problems of students and following the above ways, students can get rid of the math phobia.

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